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Hello I am Angel, I have been writing poetry since 14. I also enjoy baking, gaming, and spending time with my family.

My Latest Posts

  • Chocolate Skin
    Sweet succulent caramel skin That has been kissed by the sun Smooth and silky damn sure pretty Like a bronze and sugar fusion Eyes sexy sleek deep brown Beautiful like a doe’s eyes Hair black curly and sea wavy Greeted with the sunrise Lips so full lush and supple Like a feather filled pillow Breast […]
  • My Name Is Lady Lava
    I was born in a volcano…Heat just expels…My shadow singes…Oh the burning tales…My hands melt flesh…My eyes emit fire…Where did you think that feeling came from…Inside you that inferno desire…To touch me…To kiss me…To discover me…To uncover me…
  • Allow me
    Allow me to entice you…Excite you…Wrap my love around you…Drown you…Engulf you in ecstasy…My fantasy…Purify you in love’s furnace…I’m earnest…Let me define you…No redesign you…Give you a love you never knew…Your mind is blew…If you make the choice…To accept the words of my voice…Let me take you higher…A new level of desire…Consume you with my […]
  • I’ll Be There
    When you come home from a hard day’s workI’ll be there to ease your mindTake your stuff and put it upMassage your back and your feetWhen you are weary and downtroddenI’ll be there to lift you upAnd make your spirit rise againI’ll comfort you with warmth and loveWhen you are happy and filled with joyI’ll […]
  • Was I Wrong?
    So I’m at the corner store minding my own business. This guy walks up to and says “I just want to say you’re very beautiful” (me not impressed because I get compliments all the time) replies “thank you” and walk away. I pay for my items, head out the store. He’s waiting. He flashes a […]
  • These Inner Thighs
    These inner thighs are yearning Yearning for your hands Yearning for your lips Your penetration it demands These inner thighs are aching To feel your warm breath Your tongue tickling them Down below make it wet These inner thighs are calling you That’s why you’re drawn to me Don’t try to fight it its futile […]
  • Hot Jazz Love
    Have you ever made loveTo some smooth jazzInterludes giving way to shiversAs she majestically work her assInebriated from her gazeCatapulted into the stratosphereA one way ticket to her treasureA succulent sublime frontierSteaming in her scorching sunHowling moans at her vivid moonSaturated in her ocean of passionSeized by her musical moans tuneBiting her lip, tasting her […]
  • Spoken Word Piece
    I look through the pages of my lifeAnd as I’m looking it dawns on meThis self made conspiracyThat took love from meThis once burning desireTo love and be lovedHad long ago lost it’s fireAnd I’m stuck here wonderingWhat happened to meThe dove full of loveWho needed to be lovedWound up empty insideLike that part of […]
  • Eyes Don’t Lie
    When I look in your eyes…I see a fire burning inside…I know your body is burning for me…And your fingers are yearning for me…When you look at my picture you feel a heat…It surges from your head to your feet…Making you grit your teeth…Causing a rush underneath…I can tell from your stare…You want to make […]
  • Poetic Love Affair
    I made love to youIn ballads of linesBetween the wordsPoetic shrinesI grasped your mind muscleWith strokes of haikusTickled your psycheWith limericks in queuesI kissed your sonnetsAs they fell from your lipsAnd drank your proseIn delectable lyrical sipsYou entered meWith vocal verses so nobleCrooned to the moonLeft my flesh immobileStirred a cycloneBetween my thighsWith your poetry […]