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Was I Wrong?

So I’m at the corner store minding my own business. This guy walks up to and says “I just want to say you’re very beautiful” (me not impressed because I get compliments all the time) replies “thank you” and walk away. I pay for my items, head out the store. He’s waiting. He flashes a big stack of money in front of me (like a lot of guys seem to like to do) he goes on to ask me if he could take me to dinner (again if I went to dinner with every guy that asks me, I wouldn’t have time for anything else) I reply no thanks, I’m not looking to dare right now. He begins to plead his case of why I should go out with him. I say sorry not interested. He proceeds to grab my arm. In which I yell “don’t put your dick beaters on me”. People laugh, he gets mad, then two guys come over and makes him leave.

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