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Telekinetic Day Dream

Don’t talk don’t touch don’t tussle

Lay back relax I’ll stroke your love muscle

I’ll push you down on a bed of rose petals

Stroll my hands down on my cave of wonders it settles

I’ll stand over you so you can lay there and watch

In goes one two three four in and out of my crotch

The stare of your eyes into mine helps the flow

Me standing watching you fondle him until he grow

My legs bent now like an L shape I begin to come down

I move up and down on the tip teasing it with my kitty Kat’s crown

You lift your hands and grasp my hips I say don’t touch

I bend backwards and come all the way down it’s too much

You say take all of it than clasp my breast firm and affectionately

I thrust my pelvis back and forth the pain is mixed with pleasure definitely

In goes my butt than back out again dripping my nectar all over you

I’m scratching your chest your pulling my hair as our love juices brew

I moan real loud and my juices are warm on running down your joy stick

You feel the warm wetness which forces you too cum too quick

Telekinetic Day Dream

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